Floating Causes Deep Relaxation One Long Time Floater Recounts

deep relaxation

Once the lights go out anything is possible When did you first hear about floatation tanks? I heard of them back in the eighties. They were as exotic as the Loch Ness Monster and as difficult to find, at least in Ireland. Deep relaxation wasn’t easy to find either back then. I was an impressionable […]

Meditation Floating And Letting Go


  Is there a short cut to meditation? We live in a world of instant gratification. We want it all and we want it now. No work, there’s got to be a short cut. And there always is. Want to lose weight without training and dieting? Liposuction does that for you. Want to pile on […]

From East to West: What Did Mindfulness Lose Along the Way?


  Spending time in an isolation tank is a great way to practice being present, removing external distractions about the past, worries about the future, and escaping your stress. In a word, it’s a great place to be mindful. Over the last few years, mindfulness has become a popular tool for improving general mental wellness. […]

How to Learn to Love Yourself (and Others)!


Let’s talk about loving yourself. It’s that time of year when partners and paramours really try to show their affection to their special someone. Alternatively, for the unattached, this time of year can be a reminder of our own isolation (and after 2020, that’s something we don’t need more of). Whatever your Valentine’s Day might […]

Floating Your Way to a Better You

Floating to reduce stress and anxiety

The beginning of a new year is often a time for making plans and inspiring change, but 2021 has just started and already it has a lot of expectations being placed upon it. With the pandemic, 2020 felt like a global “timeout” for a lot of people, so we’ve all had to push things off […]

Salinity and Serenity: Floating Your Way to Inner Peace

serenity float

Serenity. That sounds nice, doesn’t it? With 2020 not letting up as it careens to a close, serenity can seem like nothing but an out-of-reach pipedream – both in our own lives and in the world as a whole. It’s difficult to relax and focus on the present when so much of even the immediate […]

Floating and Creativity: Finding Inspiration in the Darkness

Float Cork creativity

We tend to think of creativity as synonymous with expression (writing, music, art, etc.), but creativity is also how we respond to unusual situations, how to approach old problems in new ways, as well as how we share this information in a way that is both entertaining and informative. Creativity is such a fundamental part […]

What do High Level Athletes Know About Floating that you Don’t

Athletics and floating

Here’s a sports trivia question for all our athletically-inclined readers: What do the Dallas Cowboys, the Golden State Warriors, the Chicago Cubs, The Manchester United Football Club, and Michael Phelps all have in common? You might see this lineup and think “well, the ‘92 Dallas Cowboys won the Super bowl that year, the Golden State […]

Floating, Meditation, and Mindfulness-Adding Tools to your Mental Toolbelt

Sensory deprivation tanks are great for meditation

Floating removes you from the outside world and gives your mind the freedom to wander wherever it wants to go. When you float, you don’t have anything you need to do. There’s nothing you need to work on. You have a space where you can lie down, removed from the pressure of thinking, discussing, or […]