Float & Relax

The Float Tank environment provides much needed relief for people who experience stress, anxiety, pain and sleep issues. It is a 100% natural holistic water and salt based therapy. 

Give the gift of pure relaxation and if you’re disappointed with the results we’ll give you your money back! 

To a more joyful life, with less Stress, fear and anxiety.

The Benefits of Floating

Sports Recovery

With Athletes such as Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry (NBA pro basketball), New England Patriots Tom Brady (NFL quarterback), Carl Lewis (track and field athlete) who won nine Olympic gold medals finding pain relief, relaxation, creativity and clarity in the float tank, many aspiring athletes will likely follow their footsteps and gain the psychological benefits that will help them perform at their very best.

Improved Sleep Quality

Floating deactivates the systems which can keep us awake at night – giving us longer and more refreshing sleep.

Reduce Anxiety & Stress

One of the primary benefits of floatation therapy is stress reduction.

Most importantly, floating triggers the physiological relaxation response. This can directly resolve the physiological arousal of an attack of anxiety, and can help take you out of a verbal mode, stilling the chatter in your head.

Pain Relief

Floatation REST can have an important role at several stages of the pain management process.

Relief is immediate and, although temporary, offers promise of further relief from REST and other relaxation-based strategies.

Frequently asked questions

Everyday your senses are constantly bombarded with noise, traffic, mobile phones, people and technology. All of this excess stimulation results in stress. 

A float tank removes all these influences and allows you to experience total physical and mental relaxation, which has been found to have some pretty amazing effects!

The buoyancy created by 500 kilograms of Epsom salt lets you float effortlessly on top of the water. The water is skin temperature which helps erase feeling and leaving you wondering where your body ends and the water begins. 

Without sensory input your mind is finally allowed to wander into the deepest state of relaxation.

Your brain no longer needs to spend over 80% of its energy sending out signals so it slows down. This leaves you in a dream-like state. Kind of like that space between awake and asleep.

In this state (theta state) you find mental clarity, increased creativity and problem solving, heightened visualization, deepened meditation and acuteness of all the senses. 

Best of all, you get the blissful feeling that comes with the brain dumping endorphins into the body! It may be the most relaxing thing you have ever done.

You are in complete control of your environment. You have the ability to open the door to the float pod or float room at any time and leave a light on. It may seem a bit strange at first, but we find that if you give yourself a little time to relax and get used to it, you’ll feel very safe and comfortable. If you are unsure at first you can leave the pod door open and keep the light switched on and when you feel comfortable try closing the door and when ready switch off the light. This way you will get the most from the experience.

No problem.  No swimming skills required.  All you need to do is know how to lay back and relax.  If you are able to do that in your bed at night, you are good to go.

Since floating is a private experience, most people don’t wear any clothing. Swimsuits or other material against the body can distract and take away from your sensory reduction experience. In this case, it’s kind of like getting into the bath at home, so all we ask you to do is lay back, relax and enjoy the ultimate relaxation experience.

What People Say About Floating

after a long busy weekend, i could not wait for my booking today. It was my first floating experience and I really did not know what to expect, but wow, I can honestly say it was truely an amazing and relaxing experience. I have never felt so relaxed, calm and experienced such relaxation ever!!. I got to switch off from everything and just tune out and have some me time . The pods and showers are spotless and I even chilled out for an extra half hour in the chill out room as I knew the second i walked out the door, I was heading back out to the crazy busy world! very important to give the mind the break it needs cannot wait for my next float
Janet F
"Amazing experience. Was apprehensive at first and kept the lights on. once I became a little more comfortable lights went off and the magic began . so relaxing and the silence was golden . everyone needs to try this at least once . I suffer from back and neck pain and can honestly say the float has eased it immensely."
Jacinta S
"Incredible!! What an incredible experience. Tristan has a seizure disorder & during the winter weather we are always working that little bit harder to keep him well & seizure free. We're not sure if it is the relaxation, aiding sleep or the high magnesium content but it WORKS wonders to help him. This is the best winter he has had in Ireland. We take Tristan to the Zero Gravity Float every month, they are great with kids & will do everything to make your experience as relaxed as possible for special needs kids. We see the difference immediately afterwards. Honestly couldn't praise them enough, to it off Dave & Sharon are lovely people."
Yvonne C
"Amazing experience from the time you enter to the time you leave, such a relaxing and tranquil environment. Highly recommend staff are lovely!"
M J Ní M