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Our Team

We are a collection of wellness enthusiasts dedicated to non-invasive natural alternative methods to treat the whole body and mind. 


Chief of Chatting
Dave quit his stressful job in 2017 and set up Zero Gravity Float Cork. Dave floats to deepen his meditation practice, explore his consciousness and to heal his body and mind.


Boss of All Things
Sharon has a background in retail management and customer service. Sharon balances her time between raising her daughter Amelia and newly born son Kyle, maintaining float centre standards and improving customer communication and experience. Sharon loves spending time with her family and going for long walks. Sharons favourite time to float is on a Friday afternoon after a busy week.


A Creative soul who loves creating music

When we first heard that Shauna might be interested in working with us we just knew she would flourish here. Shauna is well organised and quite a calm person who facilitates floats stress-free and efficiently! She loves taking courses, and the extra time to do personal work in Float Cork really spoke to her. Shauna is in her final year in UCC, studying French, Religions and Global Diversity. Aside from university, Shauna has a passion for wellness, meditation, yoga, spirituality, and holistic therapies and healing. Shauna is a certified Meditation Teacher, holistic counsellor, chair yoga instructor, Reiki 1 Practitioner, master kundalini reiki practitioner, Integrated Energy Therapist and most recently started her 200hr yoga teacher training online! Shauna loves reading and learning about the world.


Float Facilitator
Emily is an artist and art therapist. She enjoys creativity and strives to find time to do one artistic activity a day. She enjoys traveling, hiking, and having adventures. These adventures are then brought back to life in her paintings. When she’s not creating or working, she’s challenging herself by swimming, running, or rock climbing. Time floating in the tank gives her space and time to relax and enjoy a quiet meditation.


Float Facilitator

Lucy is currently a final year World Languages student. She loves traveling (remember traveling?), drawing, going to concerts and swimming in the sea. She also loves to soak up the sunshine when it comes through the float shop windows. Floating gives her an opportunity to completely switch off for an hour and come out with a clear mind.